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How to manage the hotspot with NetCut BandWidth and AntiNetCut

One way to have free internet access is to take advantage of free hotspot services are now widely available in places or buildings of public / semi public, such as in malls, cafes, campuses, offices, etc.. For those who do not know what a hotspot and bandwidth please see themselves on wikipedia.org yaw ..!

accordance with the title of this post is way in the hotspot with a menage BandWidth NetCut then I will show you a trick or a way how to manage or control the bandwidth in a hotspot. As you may already know that the more people who access / use the internet in a hotspot area the more it will slow us work in donwload, upload or opening a web page. Why? because the bandwidth quota will be distributed to each person who accessed the Internet in the hotspot.

There is a software that we can use to control the Internet access a person in a hotspot. The name of the software is netCut, with netCut software you will have the authority to cut off Internet access to others who are in a hotspot network with you. So you can act should a server that could determine who should and should not be accessing the internet in a hotspot. That way you can master all the existing bandwidth quota, so you can more quickly open a web page and donwload or upload a file on the internet.Use of this software is very easy, you just donwload the software at HERE, and then restart the computer if you install and then run the software. When the software is run automatically the software will detect all of the computers that are online in the hotspot network that you are using (see picture above). To break the internet access hotspots such a person in a network, you simply select it and click the Cut-Off. If you want to turn off / cut off Internet access to all users in these hotspot areas including yourself, then decide to stay (Cut Off) its IP Gateway is in the right column.

Oh yes, if not wrong this netCut software can also be used in LAN networks, such as in a cybercafe. I myself have not tried it, so you try to own ya ..! and if so, do not forget to give a report here, Ok! ;-) Good luck, and good luck.

source : ilmukomputer.com

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