Kamis, 02 September 2010

concrete technology

Concrete has a major role in the development bagin krena krenakan this in concrete having the characteristics suitable for use in building structures
Concrete-forming material:
The types of cemen
Non-hydraulic cement
Hydraulic cement:
Natural cement
Cement pozzollan
Slag Cement
Hydraulic Lime
White cement
Cement alumnia
Portland Cement

Portland cement pozollan: Natural cement a majority (65% -75%) of hydraulic lime made from limestone
Pozzolan cement: material containing sillisium or aluminum that has no adhesive properties
Slag Cement: 'that the majority of the hydraulic cement comprises a mixture of uniforms, and, strong of slag tanus high limestone and chalk tahor
Pozzollan portland cement: a mixture of Portland cement and materials are pozzollan
White cement: Portland cement is a low iron oxide content of less than 0.5%
Almunia cement produced from the burning of limestone and bauxite

Lack of concrete
Less attractive force
Less elastic
Too heavy
Excess concrete
Press firmly on
Can be made of lightweight concrete

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